is it just me?

or is anyone else NOT a fan of alexa chung? i aint feeling her, ever. although i will give her credit this one time for wearing a SMITHS shirt. but that's it...

sleeping beauty

this is how i'm feeling today.. sleepy as fuck!


kewl and the gang

now that's what i'm talking about...

source: the satoralist


lovisa lovisa


when darkness lifts...

source: bleed for fashion

i feel like this spread is for the goth girl still trapped inside me from high school...


mister loveless

my new favourite band! they are an awesome foursome from san francisco and they are rocking the southern california area for the next few days.. oh joy, been waiting for a long time for this.



we interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

source: hairbrained
to bring you a woman who requires no introduction
source: j&j
kate lanphear. my idol. her wardrobe and overall physical look is what i try to achieve most in my pathetic little existence...


i could really use this jacket in the jungle, a.k.a. hollywood clubs, to prevent douchey guys from dry humping my backside on the dance floor...

source: j&j


viva moz!

hooray for another tour in so. cal. he is my ultimate hero!


noir pour moi

ooooh.. my dream outfit. rouge et al...

black tongue

went to a few yyy's shows. karen o sure can throw a party. confetti, neon costumes and mic fellatio to mention a few tricks.



la nouvelle femme

i was strumming through a recent interview mag and came across this beautiful girl, artist jaci kessler. i am soo obsessed with her hair, her look, those moles. she could easily be a model but seems pretty modest for a 20 year old. anyhow, she is my current obsession...

source: interview


love love love these tom ford glasses. i am the only one in my family that doesnt wear glasses but for some reason, i would'nt mind going partially blind if i got the chance to have these as my specs.


welcome all.. this is my first post. and what better way to break in my new blog than with a picture of a really beautiful male model that has recently caught my attention.. mr. ash..c'est cooooool!