who the hell wants to spend thousands of dollars to look like a bloated crow?! aparently alexander mcqueen thinks you do...



kate in a cape

sick. ass. boots. ! ! !

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"it's just bone structure, pats. my whole body hangs off these cheekbones"

look at this glorious stampede of male models and their cheekbones!!

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um.. well.. hello

this guy is making me a little weak in the knees. and he is impeccably dressed. ugh

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bent back arms

daisy lowe, you sound boring. i only go to parties if i know there WILL be drugs there. i'm not 14 anymore and don't have to have my parties chaperoned.

i'll be your mirror

this reminds me of nico from the velvet underground days. heavy dark eyes, creamy blonde bouffant like hair and cool sunnies... i think i'll go burn my bra now..

good looking man about town

nothing like a sharp dressed man to brighten up a rather schlummy tuesday morning...

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happy when it rains

but i'm happier when it's sunny outside and beach weather. can't wait til the summer so i can don an outfit like so...this rain in los angeles is getting to me. i hate hydroplaning!


YSL=You Suck at Life

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dirty slut

my apt is finally rid of all the crap my parents left when they moved into their new home not too long ago. so i have to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning up. i think it's best to do yer dirty work in an outfit like the one above, n'est-ce pas?



these marni heels need to be in my closet, STAT! they are so perfect! so suede! so black! EEP!


eye patch

vintage kate. oh, how the drinking, drugging and smoking have tarnished yer looks.


stretch out and wait

...let your puny body lie down, lie down

oh brother

if anyone offers me dope tomorrow night for my birthday, i may just have to throw it into the air like so. sucks to get old. u have to start thinking of all the repercussions from living an unsavory lifestyle..


my neck, my back

my ass and my crack
i'm sitting on this guys face.



i fooking love joo-le-rie! those rings are right up my alley. they function as fashion and also for defense. am i right?
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les vacances

this is the time of year when i roll up my sleeves and prepare to drop a few pennies (ok, quarters is what i meant) into a tiny little piggy bank in hopes it will accrue enough to send me on a vacation. one can hope, eh?

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beard burn

someone better suggest she shave that unruly thing! nothing i hate more than a beard burn from a guy with a 3 day old shadow. especially if he's jewish. oy gevalt!

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