snap, crackle, POP!

Happy New Years!

2009 was filled with a lot of troubling times for myself and some of my loved ones. let's hope 2010 is filled with less troubling times for myself and my loved ones. HA!
fuck you '09!!

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i just barfed in my mouth a little

alice delal. boring. i hate these "fashion" darlings. this look is recycled reduced and reused. you aint starting a revolution with yer look, alice. sorry to break it to you...

lick lick lick and suck suck suck

i'd really like this rodarte dress from target. at least this rodarte is within my price range. hmmph!

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like sand through the hourglass

i think this is the closest i will ever get to affording a chanel bag.. hey, this is a whole new take on "diy"!




this is pretty much my favourite outfit. just enough leg, black and white with a hint of nerdy and 70's glam rock. that slut

source: stockholmestreetstyle (phew!)

i don't think we're in kansas anymore

there's no place like home, there's no place like home...


let's play a little game

if you can point out the one thing in common in these two pictures, i will give you a prize. it is possibly the most important thing in my opinion..hehe

bella isabeli

good god!!!

i've always loved isabeli fontana and now i know why. bitch has the sickest body! love her!

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rollin with the homies..

r.i.p. brittany murphy


au lait!

so poorly styled if you ask me. blech

the title should be pronounced "ole!" get it? HAHA
loving those boots and the frenchie of course!

i have forgiven in jesus

for all the desire he placed in me when there is nothing i can do with this desire..

like a girl waiting for her prince, i wait for this bag. i don't know if it will ever be mine, but i will wait forever.

here's looking at you

looks like she is giving the international sign for cunninlingus. that sly fox!
oh and look its mr. gaultier. clearly this is the 90's, clearly..


venus in furs

no one makes a onesie so fashionable like chloe. now i want a onesie. perfect..


girl afraid

did i fail to mention that i have the biggest crush on this girl? ahh chloe, we were destined to be bff's with yer similar penchant for a certain man named morrissey.

all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom

...you won't have to anymore. you can cut yer dope on yer shoe. kinda practical if you ask me.

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shelve your western plans

this is a hot look. i wish people weren't so judgmental and didn't make me feel self conscious, otherwise, i would so adopt this look as my own.

good gawd!

i want them all!


bed head

i've been running on empty. my hair is a mess. too many morrissey shows has left me slightly exhausted. oh and the drinking that goes along with it too.. last morrissey show tonight. oh what will i do now?! i guess catch up on sleep.



i need to do more sit ups

so i can wear an outfit like this and still breathe (from not sucking my stomach in to the point of collapsing)

source: parisvogue0708

pistol whipped

how phucking rad is this ring?! i phucking need to get this ASAP! HOT!!

ring by digby and iona, my new favourite jewelry line

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well i wonder...

do you see me when we pass, i half die...

i wonder how many people actually come across my little space here?

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i want her leggings.
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and i will see you in far off places...

the man, they myth, the patron saint of my loneliness...MORRISSEY!!!
tomorrow starts my journey into morrisseys so cal tour. i am attending 4 out of 5 and skipping out on san diego. call me insane, call me a nut, but one thing is for sure, i am a slut for morrissey!!!

slut stole my look!

wang, rayban and balenciaga?
i torture myself so much...

source: stockholmestyle

aunt flo

did muicci prada get inspiration from sitting on her clutch while on the rag?
sure looks like it..

clutches, i find, are nuisances. you can't hang them from the back of yer chair. you can't put them on the dinner table, you have to sit on them. or place them on the ground.
i say nay to clutches. especially this one. it just looks like some rorschach blot made from a period stain...

source: knight cat


and so he does it again

rick owens, please stop making the most desirable items of clothing. i can't bear to go on knowing i may never set foot in such delicious leather trimmings. arrggghhh!!!

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