nature must still find a way

this is all very interesting, but somehow i feel like it's not a very creative venture. morrissey designing shoes? please just stick to making my heart bleed everyday. thanks.

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back in the day

chandra, kirsty, shalom, linda,gianni, kate(look how tiny she is!), naomi and amber.

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i am thankful today for women like kate lanphear.

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i dare you to take me on

i dare you to show me your palms


i promise to be good

dear santa, please see below...


she'll take on high

nina ricci shoes would make me less self conscious about my vertically challenged situation...

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love is the greatest thing...

ok ok, so i have a heart sometimes. this picture pretty much brought me to those wet things that sometimes fall from eyeballs. it's thanksgiving this week and i guess i can't help but think of all the wonderful service women (and men) out there risking their lives so we can sit down and carve an oversized bird and laugh vicariously with our families. bless all those who cant do the same this year..

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is this really necessary?

i want yer lovely boots ms. herzigova

i can't believe paul banks is still bumping uglies with this piece. and i didn't know they had breast lift photoshop option cuz homegirls tits look nicer than mine!

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dude looks like a lady

yes my friends, that is a man!

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rest in peace

daul kim was found dead today in her apt. seems like a weird trend for korean stars to commit suicide lately.. may she find peace and love. sympathies to her family and friends.
she was a fellow k-dawg like myself so i give her mad respect for making it in the fashion world, if only for a moment.

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jeepers, creeper where'd ya get those weepers? peep show creep show where did you get those eyes?
how cute is this? totes!

ooooh, yeah

talk about a dream come true! i want, i need, i must have.
i am crying that i can't afford shit like this, let alone a knock off from the discount bin at walmart. i'm pretty phucking broke at the moment. fml.

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pale blue eyes

wow, talk about the blankest stare ever. she looks a little possessed. i love her use of plaid. is plaid making a comeback? those leggings are pretty hot on her pin thin legs..slut!
ok, i'm done.

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this is how i am going to feel after tonight's julian plenti show in san diego. especially since i will be driving back to LA. oh the things i put myself through for the sake of my love for music...


cigarette in your bed

nothing says cool like a skinny girl wearing dope sunglasses indoors whilst puffing on a fag.
and does this girl have an adams apple or what?!
dope photo nonetheless


who doesn't love a cute funny man?! here is joel mchale from e!'s the soup in GQ mag
nice socks!

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taste the rainbow

although i fancy chanel vernis (there is no other better nail varnish out there in my opinion), i still wont say no to a cheap bottle of good polish. take for example these polishes i got from korea. they were about .75 cents usd. not bad, eh?


i love this phucking necklace.. this pic screams native american princess
photo by timothy norris

please lose yourself in me

i am a HUGE my bloody valentine fan. i wanted to post some photos of the band because they have a major influence, i believe, on the weird early 90's style that is having a sudden resurgence. you may not think so, but the style i see these days reminds me of a time when i used to stand by as a wall flower and shoe gaze
kevin and bilinda from my bloody valentine

ahhh bilinda...

look at bilinda's bad ass boots!


same old scene

is she really wearing a roxy music? good god!
that dress is killer.. me likey

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oh, the irony

like these scraggly bitches really eat that shit. unless they had a major coke binge and the only way to satiate their crash is to eat this crap. yup.

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this reminds me, i need to get me a garter belt! for what purposes you ask? none of yer gosh darn bizness!!

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seventh sign

i think it's a sign of the apocalypse when someone like demi moore can look like she just stepped out of a time capsule she got stuffed in around 1990. homegirl is wearing a sick ass balmain dress on the new issue of W.

and btw, the seventh sign is one of my favourite movies starring demi moore.

oh my heavens!

those are the most perfect black pumps ever with just a splash of kitsch! i love em!
wicked look. why is the goth look so in? seriously, i was perfecting this look in the 90's people!

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i left my heart in...

san frandisco... me and my girl, danielle went to visit my other girl, carolina this weekend to have a little girl's fun and catch my new favourite band, mister loveless!!

we took a flight on virgin, which, in my honest opinion, is the best airline to date!
it's like a lounge in the air and it's uber inexpensive. mr. branson sure outdid himself in his airline venture!
although i usually sleep like this on planes, luckily, danielle didn't have to endure my elbowing or incessant snoring...


gouge away

got hips like cinderella

at my eardrums tonight because me and my girls are going to see the PIXIES tonight at the hollywood palladium!! it's the PIXIES 20th anniversary of their album, DOOLITTLE and all their songs tonight will be like far distant memories coming to life.
it's sold out tonight and i'm dancing in my seat as i type this whilst listening to what else?!...the pixies!



lace shields seems like a rather interesting concept. my sunglass obsession is out of control and could use a good alternative..

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asian rut

devon aoki looks like i do at my desk at work... ready to end it all!

ever felt had?

"maybe if i dangle these lights closer to me i will look even more oblivious and seem important..."

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