this week has been kinda shitty and these pics from heidi klums new coffee book heidilicious reminded me of how i feel towards the world right now...
but, it is halloween tomorrow and the thought of getting smashed and having a good time has put me in relatively good spirits; however, i would love to just..SCAREAAAAAAM!


yer creeping me out

you know what i find funny, is that when i wore shit like this in high school i got a lot of flack for it. now, all of a sudden, this look is in. can we rewind back to 95 and look at some pics of me cuz man, i would be a hit on all these fashion and style blogs!

source: j&j



...gives good face! (and you thought i was gonna say head) where can i score a pair?

source: papermag

woe is me..and marriage

this would make a great wedding look!

wasted youth

two of the most over-hyped, talentless and un-inspiring (imo) girls with the worst fashion sense who are given more credit than they deserve.

i believe in a thing called...

beautiful male models...

viggo..oh my viggo!



this is the look i give when my week has been going sour like a carton of milk in the summer sun.
daul kim ( a fellow k-dawg like meself)

source: i liketoforkmyself


no more skinny lattes

cuz i like mine fat...and bell bottomy.

source: knightcat


strange...i've seen that face before

she would make a great costume choice for halloween circa her album "nightclubbing"

why, hello, beautiful...

and thank you for making me want to go platinum, again...

wang bang...

...thank you ma'am! i am saving my pennies and resorting to ramen because i want this a. wang dress!~!!

source: shopbop

il y'a cinq ans..

always been in love with these heels from gucci's 2004 spring rtw. i am having a resurgence...


miranda kerr doesn't really strike me as a model that should be doing high fashion. here she is in V mag looking like an awkward victoria's secret model...

part time punks

me and my friends went to smiths night at the echo and had the most amazing time! we were on the hunt for chloe sevigny since she was spotted at the last one. no such luck.
i definitely burned off the calories from the cheese plate me and my friend ate at my friends restaurant in glendale, palate. http://www.palatefoodwine.com/
so glad we went, it was a really fun time. i much prefer this smiths night than the smiths night at sway in nyc.


always numero uno!

kate looking amazing as always.

source: knightcat

please please please...

let morrissey get better! he collapsed on stage during a show in swindon.


my patron saint of lonliness

i will admit i will probably be posting many more posts on this man. he is the only man in my life who has never left me.... and i will always stay by his side...

i used to have this poster hanging on my wall.. i shall post it again very soon when i get my living situation sorted out...


girl crush

not much more i can say other than i totally have the hots for this woman!

source: J&J


love this outfit. def reflects my personal style

say it ain't so, zoe!

i watch the rachel zoe project a lot..and i know anne is a client. so i'm sure you can see i am a bit surprised to see anne hathaway in this horrendous get up! did she get a new stylist? is rachel responsible for this circus outfit? anyhow, i don't like it. and let me add, "it is a disaster!"

"what you looking at?..."

hehehe love her sunnies!


i want a herringbone jacket and curly blonde tendrils like sashas! very annie hall meets a river runs through it. cute pictorial : )

suck it!

i'm waiting for that goat to make it's move...
naomi is looking like a trannytastic terrestrial in this recent cover for FLAUNT mag

source: tfs

how the phuck?..

how did sienna miller get this gorgeous balmain dress that i have been pining for ever since i saw it debuted a month ago? that slut! whose d*ck do i have to suck? do i need to start acting classes? do i need to join sugardaddies.com? someone tell me!!
source: dlisted



i really love this leather jacket and clutch. not so much that crimson velvet skirt..blech

some say i have...

an addictive personality...
this pic makes me wanna smoke and i hear that such ciggies like the ones below are about to be banned in the u.s. because the administration feels flavoured cigs appeal to children. interesting to see if it follows through.
clove cigs were the first kinda cigs i smoked. and now after this post, i think i'm gonna get a pack... i'm sooooo bad!

grey would be the colour if i had a heart...

can't stop listening to this song, reminds me of a certain someone i wouldn't mind punching in the face for making me think about them from time to time and how much i was falling for them.. ugh. i just want something i can never have...like that chanel cassette bag!

doppleganger ?

leah lezark looks eerily similar to helena christensen in this pic, what do you think?
source: paper mag & anonymous flick

les oreilles de lapin

hippity hop hop

if my hair was short enough, i would soooo attempt this. sasha looks so adorable!

why cant i be you?

i want home girl's isabel marant boots! i bought a replica version of marant's other boot, the studded/belted ones but somehow, they don't give me the proper satisfaction that a nearly $2,000 shoe can give me...
source: J&J




i am loving the ombre in her hair. very interesting placement of colour...

source: stockholmstreetstyle


yes, please!

i'll take two of these..hehe
cutie pop in paris. me likey.

source: thesartorialist


tapas for papas

i'm reluctant to say that i have a somewhat blind date (although things are no longer blind when the date you have to meet has profiles on 3 different social networking sites...) tonight at cobras y matadors in WeHo. apparently he is a dentist. does that mean he is going to offer to floss my teeth after dinner...with his tongue? hmmm...
possible fashion choices... leather and lace.. oh yeah. or just sweats and a concert tee. will update as to what i decide...peut etre

source: flicr


rouge et vert

i love the girl at fashion squad! this pic makes me happy that it's saturday and that i have a date with my ladies at bar marmont tonight! yay!

source: fashionsquad


i have a request

if one is so lucky enough to wear such beautiful shoes, the least you can do is buy a pumice stone! deplorable in my opinion!

source: J&J