goo goo gaa gaaaaaa

can someone point me in the direction as to where i can get a top like this?! i scoured the local forever 21 but to no avail...

said i loved you...but i lied

ain't that the truth ladies? boys just love to play their wicked games..
well... happy birthday to mr. bolton anyhow, can't get that lovely head of flowing locks out of my head..even if he did lose half of it in the mid 90's. he still rocked it well!

strange, i've seen this face before

i was going to post the pic of amber rose, kanye's supposed muse, but phuck, grace jones does it so much better! you can see the bogus disaster here

source: dlisted



i mean, i'm usually a fan of rodarte, but this shit is an epitome of a hot mess!
i mean, even her face is aghast!!

source: knightcat


happy birfday mister gordon-levitt!! raawrrr (he looks a tad like mister ledger here, eh ladies?


the queen is dead

R.I.P. Lee Alexander McQueen

..and it's so lonely on the limb


mr. deville...

i think this bitch is ready for her close-up

mermaid tales

this skirt gives off a very "mermaid" like effect but would probably make my hips look ginormous!