shop to the top (of my thighs)

my effin topshop boots arrived. now all i need are pin thin legs... surprisingly, i can walk in these fuckers...

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what in plastic robot hell?

i think i'm having a weird flashback here... the overly photoshopped picture of christina aguilera is making me think: HEIDI MONTAG! blech.. is anything real anymore?..

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poison ivy

those MIU MIU platforms!!!!!!

nice rack

let's hope they hold up...HA!

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no sir, i dont like it

you know, i don't care what you fashion people say, this is one trend i wont be following...reminds me of what happens when you pass out first at a slumber party, you wake up with sharpie on yer face

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le smoking

reminds me i have an awesome marc jacobs blazer similar to this.. i should break it out. thanks style muse for inspiring me. yer also inspiring me to light a fag. slut. hahaha

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i want all those boots and more...

c'est vrai?

take a lookie here everyone, this is the most sought after fashion model today, lara stone. she looks lovely, eh? erggg



i'm pissed off and the whole world owes me...

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repeat performance..

ummm... hello? is this a repeat performance from last seasons balmain collection? except this version is gonna end up at forever 21 or h&m..im just saying...


half a person

morrissey wannabe silhouette, clearly...

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cheap and cheerful